Bedminster Down School



The RE department’s aims are to create a learning environment so pupils can build their knowledge and understanding of a range of different cultures and beliefs. Pupils will be given the opportunity to independently explore the differences between religions and discuss how this ultimately shapes the world’s culture and traditions. Pupils will look at case studies, contemporary events and issues, in order to discuss and explore how religion sculpts the world today.



Pupils will gain a broad overview of a range of topics. Students will be encouraged to conduct independent enquiries, into big philosophical and moral questions.

In class, pupils will be challenged through debate, group work and independent research. Pupils are encouraged to build upon these skills at home, with research tasks to consolidate and stretch learning. In addition to this, regular SAM learning tasks are set so pupils are fully equipped with the knowledge necessary, to succeed in their studies.



Pupil’s work is assessed regularly. The department uses a combination of teacher and peer assessment, so pupils’ progress is regularly monitored and recorded. Regular assessment enables pupils to self-reflect on their learning, so they are well aware on the necessary steps to progress in RE. The department tracks pupil progress using Doddle. Pupils are encouraged to use this site to gain as many skills as possible, both in class time and at home.




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