Bedminster Down School

MLP Music Extravaganza

Below is all the information for the MLP Music Extravaganza which takes place on April 4th, where MLP schools come together to celebrate their Performing Arts & cohost a concert beginning at 1.15pm.  




 structure of the day :

9.15 am                       Children arrive and find allocated areas

9.45 am                       Rehearsal starts

11.00 am                     SHORT COMFORT BREAK          

11.15 am                     Rehearsal

12.30 pm                     LUNCH BREAK

1.15 pm                       in seats

1.30 pm                       performance starts

3.00 pm                       performance concludes and children make way off stage to allocated areas to collect coats etc



Dress code for children –  children will need to be in school uniform.


Food – Children will need to bring packed lunches and water. Tea and coffee will be provided for staff J


Tickets– Unlike last year this is not a ticketed performance, please get the word out via school websites, newsletters etc to your wider school community to come and watch the performance, the bigger audience we have the better experience for the children!