Bedminster Down School

Governors Membership 16/17


Name Governor Type Category Term of office from Term of office to Attendance over Last Academic Year 15/16 Business Interest 2016/17
Stewart Gimber Co-opted Appointed 14/05/2014 13/05/2017 6/6 None
Jayne Donovan Parent Appointed 10/12/2014 09/12/2017 5/6 None
Allison Braybrooke Staff Elected 02/02/2015 01/02/2018 5/6 None
Simon Dowland Co-opted Appointed 13/07/2015 12/07/2019 5/6 None
Peter Ralls Co-opted Appointed 08/10/2015 07/10/2019 4/5 None
Paul Jeffery Co-opted Appointed 14/12/2015 13/12/2019 3/5 Cheddar Grove Primary School - Education
Rick Palmer   Appointed 13/07/2016 20/07/2017 6/6 None
Stephen Weeks Co-opted Appointed 13/07/2016 12/07/2020 6/6 Consultant - Energy Supply   since  01/05/15
Helen Styles Co-opted Appointed 13/07/2016 12/07/2020 4/6 None
Michelle Tett Co-opted Appointed 13/07/2016 12/07/2020 6/6 None
Graham Knight Staff Appointed 12/10/2016 11/10/2020 6/6 None
Jason Worlock Staff Appointed 12/10/2016 11/10/2020 5/6 Parent Governor -Christchurch COE Primary -Hanham
Gary Schlick Headteacher Virtue of Office  N/A  N/A 6/6 None
Sue Walker Clerk Appointed  N/A  N/A  N/A None
Steve Christie Company Secretary  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A None


During the Academic Year  2016/17  no Governors have stepped down from the Governing Body.

There are six Full Governing Board/Finance Staffing and Audit/Pupil Learning meetings per Academic Year.


Attendance: Whilst Governors make every effort to attend meetings throughout the year, from time to time, apologies for non-attendance at meetings are received and are generally due to unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness or family/work commitments. Apologies are always accepted by the Governing Board/Committee. To ensure all  Governors are kept up to date, regular communication and collaboration is made through the circulation of minutes, emails and, where necessary, verbal updates from colleagues.


There are two sub committees of the governing board- Finance, Staffing & Audit (FS) and Pupil Learning (PL). The members of these committees are as follows.


Finance, Staffing & Audit

Jayne Donovan (Chair)

Stewart Gimber

Rick Palmer

Peter Ralls

Gary Schlick

Jason Worlock


Pupil Learning

Alison Braybrooke

Simon Dowland

Paul Jeffery

Graham Knight

Rick Palmer

Gary Schlick

Helen Styles

Michelle Tett

Stephen Weeks (Chair)


We also have governors with specific responsibility for different areas of the school. These are:

Pupil Premium - Stewart Gimber

Teaching - Rick Palmer

CP & SEN - Stephen Weeks

Health & Safety - Helen Styles

LAC - Graham Knight

Leadership - Gary Schlick


Full Governing body meeting minutes are available on request.