Bedminster Down School

Ofsted 2018 - Some headlines from the report

This school continues to be good.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.

You have recruited a number of new teachers, particularly in mathematics, as well as middle and senior leaders. These appointments have strengthened the quality of teaching and learning in the school. Additionally, new trustees (governors) bring significant experience and expertise, which is increasingly holding leaders to account.

You have successfully embraced the areas for improvement at the previous inspection. The introduction of ‘assess, plan, teach’ has increased the rigour of teachers’ planning of learning and their assessment. This is ensuring that pupils are clearer about what they need to do to improve their work. Working with other local schools, teachers are increasingly confident in the accuracy of their assessments of what pupils know, understand and can do.

Raising aspirations has been a clear theme in recent years. Pupils are increasingly aware of the range of opportunities that are available to them in both their personal and social development and also the options open to them when they leave school.

The school is a calm and orderly environment. In classes, pupils are ready to learn and routines clearly in place. Pupils and staff report that behaviour is significantly better than at the time of the previous inspection. Pupils remark that lesson times are now much more productive and as a result they are making more rapid progress. Inspection evidence confirms that pupils show positive attitudes to their learning and are making good progress.

Your staff often go beyond the expectations of school staff to help families when they need support.

Beyond the taught curriculum, a significant number of pupils are engaged in extra-curricular opportunities. The ‘Challenge24’ programme, for all pupils in Year 9, is building pupils’ range of experience and personal development.

The employment of additional teaching staff, known as student progress supporters, is effective in guiding and challenging disadvantaged pupils to think more deeply. 

The Lamp, your off-site unit for pupils who are at risk of exclusion from school, is particularly effective in improving academic outcomes for disadvantaged pupils. The individualised programmes, which also include work experience, personal development and safety education, ensure that these pupils are well prepared for their next steps. 

…..the vast majority of pupils behave well. In lessons, they are attentive and show good attitudes towards their learning. Interactions between staff and pupils and between pupils are highly positive. 


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