Bedminster Down School

Ten Tors Success 2018

On Sunday 13th May 2018, 11 students from Bedminster Down School, together with one pupil from Chew Valley School, crossed the finish line at Okehampton Camp to complete a Challenge that has been 6 months in the making.  In two teams of six, both teams finished the Ten Tors Challenge within 20 minutes of each other, despite walking completely separate routes over the preceding two days. What is more remarkable was the fantastic time that both teams came in, shortly after 1pm.

There may be many challenging walks in Britain today, but Ten Tors is still alone in catering solely for young people and which is believed to be the largest and most challenging annual event held nationally.

The Ten Tors Challenge takes place in the weekend following the May public holiday and many of its participants will remember the event with pride for the remainder of their lives, and for some it may even be a life-changing experience.

The Ten Tors Challenge is limited to 2,400 individuals (four hundred teams of six teenagers). The teams, depending on age, face hikes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (56, 72 or 88km) over the rough terrain of Dartmoor, visiting ten nominated tors / check points in under two days. The teams must be self-sufficient, carrying all that they need to complete their route and stay out over-night safely. The weather can be very changeable and at times quite extreme, and success or failure can depend very much on the extent to which a team has been trained for all eventualities.

Bedminster Down School started it’s preparation for the event as far back as last October & in the time since the Training Staff (who give up a considerable amount of their own time for free) and the students have spent many hours on Dartmoor learning how to not only cope, but excel, in the often harsh environment.

This weekend saw the culmination of all of that training bear success as our 12 young people strode across the finish line after a hike of in excess of 35 miles.  We are very proud of the following students;

Jake Dibble, Sam Garland, Corey Price, Max Martin, Libby Davis, Billy Phillips, Luca Jakab, Sam Gregory, Kieran Downs, Edith Fritsch and Tom Whitticombe.