Bedminster Down School

South Bristol students meet the youngest women to conquer Everest and the North Pole

As part of National Careers Week students from Bedminster Down School spent a morning with Bonita Norris, the youngest women to reach the top of Everest and the North Pole, to discover what motivated her to achieve her goals.

At the age of 22, Bonita, who grew up in Berkshire, trained for two years to take on Everest.  Last year she published her first book, “The Girl Who Climbed Everest”.

Bonita was invited to meet students from Year 7, 8 and 9 at Bedminster Down School by teacher Jon Gallop, who had seen her speak at a previous education event.  He commented: “Throughout their school career we’re engaging students in activities that will help them build resilience.  In National Careers Week we could think of no one more appropriate to embody the application of perseverance, resilience and determination in order to achieve ambitious goals.”

As well as delivering presentations to

Students from year 7 who met Bonita

year groups, Bonita took part in a podcast with Year 11 students

 and visited classrooms.  Her story is studied as part of the ‘Self-Regulated Learning’ programme at the school so many students recognised her as she toured the school site.

One of the students, Alex Lecki, who met Bonita said:

“I was able to talk to Bonita about her ascent of Everest and I found her inspirational; her determination and ability to overcome physical and psychological hurdles was massively impressive.”

Bonita Norris added: “I found the students to be thoughtful and receptive; in the interview session they asked amazingly insightful questions.”