Bedminster Down School

Robert Southey

Welcome to Robert Southey. Our house is led by the Head of House, Mr Harris, who is supported by a House office team including: Miss Harvey (Assistant Head of House), Ms Beasley-Suffolk (Assistant Head of House) and Miss Taylor (Pupil Premium Advocate).

Robert Southey House is comprised of eight tutor groups each with their own unique mix of talented, bright and enthusiastic students.


Robert Southey Tutor Groups:

• SACO – Tutor: Miss Cook
• SBHA– Tutor: Miss Harrington
• SEAS –Tutor: Mrs Seton-Mead
• SERO – Tutor: Miss Roberts
• SSPO – Miss Pothecary
• SMA – Tutor: Miss Arnold
• SRJC –Miss Coleman
• STMC –Mr Campbell

Each tutor group contains a mix of all year groups in the new vertical tutor group system. Within these systems we have elected Student Leaders, Sport Captains and Captains, a Head Boy and Head Girl in addition to a Vice Head Boy and Girl. These roles allow the students in Robert Southey House to really take ownership of the house and make it work for them.

Head Girl – Hannah Millward
Deputy Head Girl – Georgia Ward
Head Boy – Marcus Hartrey
Deputy Head Boy – Jacob Hares

The house carries a red badge which the students wear with pride in addition to Robert Southey’s name, a celebrated Bristolian poet and civil rights supporter who was also an advocate of universal education from whom we take our house name.